Monday, January 26, 2009

A day at the Curve

We are in the Curve and can you see the flowers behind? Aren't they big and beautiful?

I'm on my way to play at the inflatable funland...

Here I am sliding down...yipee

I am watching the lion dance and the lion did many wonderful tricks. Like hopping from one pole to another. And there were 2 lions. We saw the dance at Ikano. There were many people watching the dance.

I am holding the lion's head. First of all, I'm not wearing it. Secondly don't ever think I was doing the dance.

When I came back from the dance, I was so thirsty. Then we ate at a Thai restaurant and I ate nasi goreng with ice mango. Here I am trying to melt the ice using my invisible gamma ray.

Before leaving the Curve, we got to play with the lion dance's drums

On my way home, I saw an alien hovering over the sky. It left a semi-circle of clouds in the sky.

Sunday, August 3, 2008


This is my farm that is made of paper. I don't do this at school during my Art class. But I do this at home. This is my second paper project. My first paper project was on a mini city. Those who are reading this at home...please don't try at school. Because your friends will tear it apart!!

To make it just use paper, scissors , glue and pencil. And it takes 1 hour or 30 minutes to... ohhh... you now.

See if you can find a rooster in the picture. Leave a comment and tell me where the rooster is.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fire breathing dragon

Once upon a time there was a dragon name Bronus. He flew around and around. Then a goat came by. He threw a fire ball at it then the goat ran into the forest and the forest was covered in fire.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Monkey Bite

Today, a monkey came at my housing area. It was in the evening at about 5pm. Many of my friends (more than 10) chased the monkey at our playground. Then, the monkey chased us and we ran as fast as we could. Some ran to the playground, some hid behind cars and the rest ran into their own compounds.

When I got close to the monkey it tried to bite me. Then I ran very fast away from the monkey. The monkey caught me and bit me at my knee. The place where it bit me is now very itchy.

My friends and I call it Bobo. I hope we will see the monkey again at the playground tomorow.


Sunday, March 23, 2008


Hai everyone. I'm Upgrade and this is my blog. Today is my first day as a blogger and I hope to meet more bloggers in cyberspace.

See You